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Data templates

This is a placeholder for data templates. The data template content is specific for a Protocol. In ToxBank, any data is assumed to be generated by a protocol (experimental or data processing). The data coming from different procotols can have different structure and formats. The data template specifies the format and structure of the data, expected from a certain protocol.

A template is a file with a pre-defined MIME type (RDF or ISA-TAB).

Example (spreadsheet)

A spreadsheet template defines the number of columns, column names and defines how rows should be filled in.

Example (ISA-TAB)

ISA-TAB XML template

Example (RDF)

TODO: Example using [1]

REST interface

GET: Retrieve the data template, defined for a Protocol

Description Retrieves the data template, defined for a protocol
Resource Protocol
Method GET
URI /protocol/{id}/datatemplate
Parameters none
Header Parameters subjectid:SECURITY-TOKEN
Media Type (input) none
Results The template representation in supported media type
Media Type (output) text/uri-list;application/rdf+xml;text/n3;text/csv
Status code 200,400,401,402,403

Links: Page, Edit with form

Example http://toxbanktest1.opentox.org:8080/toxbank/protocol/SEURAT-Protocol-30-4/datatemplate

cURL template

curl -X GET -H 'Accept:SUPPORTED-MEDIA-TYPE' -H 'subjectid:TOKEN' \

POST: Create data template for a Protocol

Description Uploads a template, to be assigned to a protocol
Resource Protocol
Method POST
URI /protocol/{id}/datatemplate
Parameters (see cURL example)
Header Parameters subjectid:SECURITY-TOKEN
Media Type (input) multipart/form-data
Results Task representation in supported MIME formats
Media Type (output) text/uri-list;application/rdf+xml;text/n3
Status code 200,202,400,401,402,403,500

Links: Page, Edit with form

cURL example

curl -X POST -H 'subjectid:TOKEN' -H 'Content-Type:multipart/form-data' -F 'datatemplate=@FILE_NAME' \
Facts about TemplateRDF feed
Acts onProtocol  +
HasOperationAPI Protocol:RetrieveTemplates  + and API Protocol:UploadTemplate  +
Has output media typetext/uri-list;application/rdf+xml;text/n3;text/csv  + and text/uri-list;application/rdf+xml;text/n3  +
Has status code200,400,401,402,403  + and 200,202,400,401,402,403,500  +
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