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Pages using the property "Has output media type"

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API Alert Create +text/uri-list  +
API Alert Retrieve +text/uri-list, RDF, JSON  +
API Alert RetrieveList +text/uri-list, RDF, JSON  +
API Alert Update +text/uri-list  +
API Alert:DeleteAlert +text/uri-list  +
API Investigation:Add +text/uri-list  +
API Investigation:Create +text/uri-list  +
API Investigation:Dashboard +application/json  +
API Investigation:Delete +text/plain  +
API Investigation:FTPfiles +application/json text/uri-list  +
API Investigation:List +text/uri-list, application/rdf+xml  +, application/rdf+xml, application/json, text/uri-list  +
API Investigation:Metadata +text/plain (n-triples), text/turtle, application/rdf+xml  +
API Investigation:Query +application/sparql-results+xml (SELECT queries), text/plain (n-triples), text/turtle, application/rdf+xml (CONSTRUCT queries)  +
API Investigation:Resource +text/plain (n-triples), text/turtle, application/rdf+xml  +
API Investigation:Sparql +application/json  +
API Investigation:SparqlInvestigaton +application/sparql-results+xml application/json text/uri-list text/html  +
API Investigation:SubtaskURI +text/uri-list, application/json  +
API Investigation:View +text/tab-separated-values, text/uri-list, application/zip, text/plain, application/rdf+xml  +
API Protocol:Retrieve +application/pdf;application/msword  +
API Protocol:RetrieveList +text/uri-list;application/rdf+xml;text/n3  +
API Protocol:RetrieveMetadata +text/uri-list;application/rdf+xml;text/n3  +
API Protocol:RetrieveTemplate +RDF,JSON,XML  +
API Protocol:RetrieveTemplates +text/uri-list;application/rdf+xml;text/n3;text/csv  +
API Protocol:RetrieveVersions +text/uri-list;application/rdf+xml;text/n3  +
API Protocol:Update +text/uri-list;application/rdf+xml;text/n3  +
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