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[[http://api.toxbank.net/index.php/Special:FormEdit/REST_OperationsForm/API_Protocol:UploadTemplate Edit ]]

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Description Uploads a template, to be assigned to a protocol
Resource [[]]
Method POST
URI /protocol/{id}/template
Parameters TBD, template file content in multipart web form, with predefined metadata
Header Parameters
Media Type (input) multipart web form - application/x-www-form-urlencoded, RDF, JSON
Results Task URI, when complete - URI of the new template, e.g. /protocol/P123/template/T45
Media Type (output) text/uri-list
Status code 200,202,400,401,402,403
Facts about API Protocol:UploadTemplateRDF feed
Acts on
Has output media typetext/uri-list  +
Has status code200,202,400,401,402,403  +
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