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Description Get investigation data via predefined SPARQL templates
Resource Investigation
Method GET
URI /investigation/{id}/sparql/{template_name}
Header Parameters Accept: one of text/plain (n-triples), text/turtle, application/rdf+xml, subjectid:SECURITY-TOKEN
Media Type (input)
Results Investigation metadata in n-triples, turtle or RDF format
Media Type (output) text/plain (n-triples), text/turtle, application/rdf+xml
Status code 200

Get investigation data via predefined SPARQL templates. Add one of investigation_endpoint_technology, investigation_details, factors_by_investigation or character_by_investigation to an investigation plus /sparql/ URI (e.G.: https://services.toxbank.net/investigation/{id}/sparql/investigation_endpoint_technology ) . You may also use camelcase notation for templatenames (e.G.: FactorsByInvestigation).

Facts about API Investigation:SparqlInvestigatonRDF feed
Acts onInvestigation  +
Has output media typetext/plain (n-triples), text/turtle, application/rdf+xml  +
Has status code200  +
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