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Overview of resources and operations defined in the OpenTox/ToxBank API.

New resources

Most important: Alert, Data, Index, Investigation, Organisation, Project, Protocol, Search, Session, Template, User.

[All ToxBank extensions]

Note 1

All time consuming operations (POST,PUT,DELETE) use OpenTox Task API, even if not explicitly specified.

Note 2

All operations are assumed to require a security token in the HTTP header "subjectid",as specified in OpenTox_API_1.2_A&A , even if not explicitly specified.

Draft data model

The Toxbank resources are described in RDF. All resources, except Investigation/Study/Assay are described according to Toxbank Ontology @GitHub.

The Investigation/Study/Assay resources reuse ISA-TAB conventions. The RDF representation is defined by converting ISA-TAB text files to RDF.


ToxBank System Functionalities


[Paper prototype 3.0]


Customized ISACreator


Static documents, video, etc.

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