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{{REST Operations
{{REST Operations
|REST_op_description=Creates an alert
|REST_op_description=Creates an alert

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Description Creates an alert
Resource Alert
Method POST
URI /user/{obfuscatedid}/alerts
Parameters query uri, frequency (predefined list),name
Header Parameters subjectid:SECURITY-TOKEN
Media Type (input) application/x-www-form-urlencoded, RDF, JSON
Results Task URI, when complete - URI of the new alert , e.g. /user/U8247634857324857/alerts/Alert_5678
Media Type (output) text/uri-list
Status code 200,202,400,401,402,403
Facts about API Alert CreateRDF feed
Acts onAlert  +
Has output media typetext/uri-list  +
Has status code200,202,400,401,402,403  +
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